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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] linking with X11 in OBS

On Monday 2014-03-10 14:46, Marcus Meissner wrote:

The build system builds with --as-needed by default, your local system

That raises the question why our local systems default to --no-as-needed,
when the rpms for BS and local should be the same, and there is no
as.needed directive in /etc/rpm or /usr/lib/rpm visible..

Good question.

And the answer is:

$ grep -r NEEDED .
./profile.d/ SUSE_ASNEEDED=1
$ rpm -qf /etc/profile.d/

So whenever someone happens to have PBC installed, the behavior of
ld suddenly changes. I would say that is "spooky action at a distance",
or the antithesis to "principle of least surprise". It would be good
to have SUSE_ASNEEDED -- whichever value (unset|1) it will attain --
to be consistent across both the default system and the build setup.
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