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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] EXE package format

On Wednesday 2014-02-26 10:48, Adrian Schröter wrote:


And in the same way, one can produce ZIPs (my ideal target)

zip -9r "%_topdir/OTHER/"
*.exe *.txt whatever

or CABs or MSIs, provided one finds a suitable generator.

The publisher would need a few more lines to support publishing of these
.exe lines, but that can get added fast.

+1 for publishing such EXE to

I have added now a very-very basic export support of .exec files.
Your repository was my testcase :)

One thing, I am unsure how to handle is the version-release handling of these
IMHO the version and also the release number of the spec file should be part
of these files. Otherwise there is no way how mirrors and users can
destinguish between

Mirrors (that is, the rsyncing process) should be able to look at the
timestamp of the file, and so do users. It's not ideal, but getting
the files mirrored at all seems worthwhile.

I thought of just gobbling up all files from the OTHER/ directory
that match /-%version-%release\./ (no BOL or EOL anchors!).
That does not give you the freedom you have with rpm filenaming,
but better than nothing.
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