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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] local osc build in VM
On Monday 07 October 2013 14.39:40 Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

since building Mozilla Clients does not work with osc build locally since ages
and nobody is looking at the reported bug about it I'm looking for a complete
description how I can build locally using a VM (kvm?) build machine instead
of a
chroot build.
I only know some settings from .oscrc but I understood I need more than just
flip a few switches in .oscrc? Can someone please point me to the full
documentation how to set this up?


I'm using it, my setup is composed of lvm with 2 volumes setup for osc
lvobsbuild is the / for the vm and setup at 18GB
lvobsswap is the swap affected to it

You have to setup sudo (but this should already be the case
Also be sure you have qemu-kvm installed and kvm-YOURCPU module loaded.

about my .oscrc

apiurl =
packagecachedir = /media/src/osbuild-packagecache
su-wrapper = sudo
build-root = /tmp/obsbuild/%(arch)s-%(repo)s
build-type = kvm
build-device = /dev/mapper/vg0-lvobsbuild
build-swap = /dev/mapper/vg1-lvobsswap
build-memory = 4096
build-vmdisk-rootsize = 16000
build-vmdisk-swapsize = 4000
build-vmdisk-filesystem = ext4

build-uid = 1502:1500

build_repository = openSUSE:Factory
plaintext_passwd = 0
request_list_days = 30

the first time you will try to run osc build it will output a line about the
virtio drivers not loaded.
if you run it you will obtain a initrd-virtio for the current kernel.

In my case I'm running osc on my fully encrypted and tainted by nvidia laptop.
So Having nvidia.ko or luks waiting for non-existent device is a real pain.

I attach there the small bash-hack I use to recreate the virtio initrd
everytime kernel change.

I know you will understand with the sources :-)


Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl

openSUSE Member
GPG KEY : D5C9B751C4653227
irc: tigerfoot
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