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[opensuse-buildservice] CMake and OBS

Are there any best known methods to package CMake based projects using the open
build service ?

Specifically what I am looking forward to is a simplified way of:

1) Installing all the libraries that CMake generates to /usr/lib (or)
2) Installing all the binaries that CMake generates to /usr/bin (or)
3) Populate BuildRequires: based on the find_package inside the CMakeLists.txt(
4) Building only a small subset of all the targets supported by the CMake file
in a project. To explain on this point. Assume that my project has 10 targets
and I need only 5 targets (3 binaries and 2 libraries that they depend) to be
shipped to the users. So, I want a way to generate a tarball with only these 3
binaries and their dependencies (2 libraries in our case), which can be used in
a build-service project. If I am not using OBS for distributing the binaries, I
can easily build the two binary targets alone and can ship the resultant
binaries. But if I want to use CMake what is the best way for achieving this
instead of creating a tarball with the sources for all the 10 targets ?

I googled around a bit before asking here but could not find any relevant
information. I see that CMake is used heavily in KDE and so some of the
openSUSE packagers would have run into similar requirements and wanted to find
out the best practices for using CMake in OBS.



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