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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Preinstall: project configuration order
Am Donnerstag, 29. August 2013, 19:42:05 schrieb Michel Bourget:
Hi all,

we are noticing build failures because "filesystem" isn't installed 1st.
See buildlog snippet below.
Even when we list "filesystem" in the "Preinstall" section of the repo
project configuration,
it is not installed 1st.

Anyone have an idea how to fix that ?

Via the Order: directive in prjconf. Eg:

Order: filesystem:archive

However, this is only a workaround for missing PreRequire statements in
the packages.

Thanks in advance.

[ 13s] [1/202] installing bind-license-9.9.2-6.P1.el7
[ 13s] [2/202] installing ca-certificates-2012.87-1.el7
[ 13s] [3/202] installing gettext-common-devel-
[ 13s] [4/202] installing hwdata-0.242-1.el7
[ 13s] [5/202] installing kernel-headers-3.10.0-9.el7
[ 14s] [6/202] installing libgcc-4.7.2-8.el7
[ 14s] [7/202] installing ncurses-base-5.9-7.20121017.el7
[ 14s] [8/202] installing setup-2.8.63-1.el7
[ 14s] [9/202] installing tzdata-2012j-1.el7
[ 15s] [10/202] installing vim-filesystem-7.3.712-3.el7
[ 15s] [11/202] installing filesystem-3.1-2.el7
[ 15s] error: unpacking of archive failed on file /lib64: cpio: rename
failed - Is a directory
[ 15s] error: filesystem-3.1-2.el7.x86_64: install failed
[ 15s] exit ...


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