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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] /usr/lib -> /usr/share in build package
Am Dienstag, 13. August 2013, 15:24:08 schrieb Miroslav Suchý:
Most files in obs-build are put into /usr/lib. This directory is
intended only for binaries, but all but one (initvm.`uname -m`) are
architecture independent and therefore should go into /usr/share and
only initvm.`uname -m` should stay in /usr/lib.

I'm willing to create PR to change the location. But it will affect both
obs-build and open-build-service.
Do you agree with this change?

Hm, I am just frightend. We have it that way since a long, long time and I
have actually absolute no idea what we break with that.

We can try the move, maybe we can create some compat symlinks from
/usr/lib/build/Build to /usr/share/... ?
not so easy with rpm, but doable via %post hacks :/

hm, thinking again, I want to sleep over that for a night :)

If this blocks you, we may can do a compromise and just package it
for fedora that way. There we do not need to fear backward compatibility
problems. We just would need two pathes then in OBS code trying both

What do you think about that?



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