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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] how to add screenshot for ?
On Saturday 10 August 2013 13:03:45 Martin Koller wrote:
On Saturday 10 August 2013 06:31:13 Marguerite Su wrote:
On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 1:59 AM, Martin Koller <kollix@xxxxxx> wrote:
How can I provide a special image for the screenshot on that page ?


We "share" database with Debian on

Well strictly, we're not "sharing", but "using" their database.

There's no way to upload from openSUSE side.

So here're the limitations you may need to pay attention to:

1. The screenshot should obey Debian's standard, the most important
part here is:

You have to upload screenshots taken under Debian or vanilla
screenshots (no openSUSE specific stuff like skins, logos...)

If there's difference between versions, Debian's current version will
be in charge.

2. You can only upload screenshots for those packages that both exist
on Debian and openSUSE.

Thanks for your explanation.

However, I ask myself: wouldn't it be advantageous for
- better: for openSuse alltogether, to have the software download web pages
showing/searching the apps 1.) categorized (like in the start menu, e.g.
Games, Office, Internet, ...) 2.) having screenshots where possible
3.) improve the search capability. e.g. "create DVD" or "burn DVD" finds

something like an "app store" so that even a novice user can simply *find*
applications. Currently you need to know the name of a package, which is
usually unknown to a novice user.

For the screenshots openSuse should therefore have its own repository of
image files. Why not simply allow a special file to be put into an OBS
project-package, e.g. thumbnail.png I assume it shouldn't be too hard to
automatically import all currently existing images from the Debian

Sharing the screenshots with Debian seems to make sense - although a solution
where we provide screenshots where Debian conflicts with us (due to showing
logo's or not having the package) might make sense.

About the other suggestions, the if you're a bit at home in Ruby and such, you
might find this repository interesting:

Note that there IS categorization:
But all categories we have work:

It just isn't very visible, we don't link to it from many places (esp not
software.o.o itself). This is mostly due to some, ehm, issues with this whole
one-click-install and OBSstore technology - a discussion not for here, I
suppose. Lets just say that it upsets our security people, among others.

But again, if you're interested in fixing some minor or major issues you see,
please go ahead.

See also how e.g. does it.
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