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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] perl-BSSolv
On 07/22/2013 08:07 PM, Michael Schroeder wrote:
2) Where is ultimate upstream for perl-BSSolv? I feel that correct way is
>to create new repository perl-BSSolv under
The upstream is currently
We could create an extra repo, but perl-BSSolv is pretty tied to
the other backend code. Hmm.

>Another approach is to remove BR and Requires of perl-BSSolv as it is part
>of obs-server, but that does not seem systematic to me.
Or make perl-BSSolv an sub-package of obs-server. That could also

I investigated it. And I do not think having perl-BSSolv as subpackage of obs-server is good idea. For several reasons:

* BSSolv is just interface to satsolv and is pretty standalone. Even usage in backend code is quite encapsulated. And there will be no problem if moved out.
* version of BSSolv from backendend is not used (!) because the C extension is not compiled. So the BSSolv load .so library from required perl-BSSolv (which is albeit older then the one included in backend).
For this reason if we remove BSSolv source from backend and move it to somewhere else, then it should not bring regression, because it is not used right now.
* if we make BSSolv subpackage of obs-server, it will increase complecity of obs-server.spec, which is already quite big.

If you agree, can you please create new repository under:
I'm willing to send initial PR. But I can not create new repository.

And one more question.
This version:
bundle its own version of libsolv. As bundling is discouraged in Fedora I created spec, which does not bundle libsolv and use system version of libsolv:
The question is which approach we want in upstream? One or other? Or should I make it little more complicate with conditions in spec like: "if Fedora then use system library, otherwise bundle libsolv"?

Miroslav Suchy
Red Hat, Software Engineer
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