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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Still trying to find a solution when a package depends on universe ubuntu repository
Dear Martin,
did you look at the libace source package ??
If yes, how did you arrive at the import number of 3 source packages ??
When I tried the solution 1, I stopped to go further when I realized that I
need to import more that 5 source packages.
So, where did come out your calculation ??

And, I disagree with you that the number of built binary packages does not
matter for OBS, because on the mailing list I read a lot of messages about the
waste of space, the waste of resources and so on. And every time, the
administrators instructs users to minimize the use of resources.
And hence, the solution 1 is definitely a waste of resources because the source
packages that I need to import will build dozen of binary packages when I just
need one of those and the others will be unused but they will be built wasting

I think that the best solution is to allow the installation of binary .deb
packages as additional dependencies before the building process start.
I think that if this features will be added to the OBS system (for .deb and for
.rpm) the problem that I have can be solved with the minimum resource use.


Il giorno 06/giu/2013, alle ore 09:08, Martin Koegler ha scritto:

On Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 09:57:16AM +0200, Gianluca Emme wrote:
All these solution failed for the following reasons:
1) the source package of libace generate about 20 binary packages and
then for building it depends on other about 20 dev package and some of
those are in the universe repository too !! This imply that I have to
recursevily download a lot of source package and rebuild them into the
OBS. That's absolutely silly and unfeasible

The number of built binary packages does not matter for OBS. Also any build
which is not from universe, does not matter.

You only have to import 3 source packages.


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