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[opensuse-buildservice] Still trying to find a solution when a package depends on universe ubuntu repository
Dear All,
I'm still struggling to find a solution to build my package that
depends for building on others packages that are in the universe
ubuntu repository.

So, again, I'm desperately asking a feasible solution to any other
users encounter my same problem... and also, I'm wondering if the
administrations may take in consideration to include the universe

This is a short summary of my adventure :-) :
- I'm building a package named yarp that depends on libace
- libace is into the universe ubuntu repository
- universe ubuntu repository is not included into the OBS service
- I'm trying to find a way to fullfill the dependency to build my package
- the solution I tryied are:
1) download the source package of libace, build it into the OBS
without publish it
2) try to fullfill the dependency taking the package from the Debian
repository (where libace is into the standard repository)
3) try to install the .deb binary package during the execution of
debian.rules before the build

All these solution failed for the following reasons:
1) the source package of libace generate about 20 binary packages and
then for building it depends on other about 20 dev package and some of
those are in the universe repository too !! This imply that I have to
recursevily download a lot of source package and rebuild them into the
OBS. That's absolutely silly and unfeasible
2) Debian and Ubuntu are incompatibles :-(
3) The dpkg command needs root access to install a .deb package even
if I set the --root-dir to the home build directory

Do you have in mind some other solution I can try ??

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