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[opensuse-buildservice] OBS Discussion System GSoC 2013 project update for week ending on 05/31/2013
Hello folks,

So, here is my first GSoC 2013 update. From now on, every monday, I will be
updating you all about the progress I am making on - Building a Discussion
System for OBS

Q. What have I done last week?

Well I got the good news about my GSoC 2013 acceptance last week itself (feel
free to congratulate me ;). So, haven't made whole lot of progress. Though
these two comings weeks (until June 17th) are the community bonding period,
where students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to
begin working on their projects. That being said,

1. I am discusig with mentor about the working methods for the current GSoC
2. The kind of Resources I have available for the entire coding period.
3. Finalized on meeting times. We are meeting everyday at 15:00CEST (Monday
through Friday) to make sure both are on the same page and the mentor gets a
deeper look into my workings.
4. Initiated a Trello discussion[1] board where we follow the Kanban's method
of development. Its open to public, so feel free to peak into it and pass your
suggestions anytime during the coming months.
5. As per my proposal, two of my caveats were writing tests for the code and
the openSUSE Hermes integration. Past week I started with learning testing
methods in Ruby on Rails.

Q. What am I'm doing this week?

1. Going to continue improve my skills with Test Driven Development,i.e, read
and hack more on Ruby on Rails testing methods and practices.
2. Deploy openSUSE Hermes on my machine. And start playing around with it. Make
sure I am comfortable getting around it and prepare myself accordingly for the
3. Come up with To-do lists as much as I can. So the mentor and everybody else
interested knows what is coming next. (Note: this is an ongoing process.)
4. Discuss with my mentor and re-work on the technical timeline. Because, I
will be traveling for the openSUSE Conference 2013 in July and another city in
my home country, which at the time of proposal submission wasn't accounted for.
Expect an update on the same next week.

Q. What I couldn't achieve and Why?

1. None yet !

Once again, feel free to pass on any comments, suggestions, criticism or
feedback you got. I am all eyes and ears ;).

Important links

[1] Trello:
Github fork:


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