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[opensuse-buildservice] Re: [GSoC2012] Bitbake integration for the open build system

赵旭 - 0:48 30.04.13 wrote:
Dear all,

My name is Xu Zhao and .
I have submitted a draft of my Bitbake integration proposal on GSoC website.
Here is the link:

Nice proposal.

This proposal is still a brief draft. I will read the code and
determine more technical details before the deadline.

Ok, as I investigated it a little last year, there are few non-obvious

a) bitbake is really powerful, but that unfortunately means that it is quite
complex. What does it mean for this project... Adrian doesn't like the
of running external programs to determine the dependencies. He prefers
parser written in perl to be directly included. This is unfortunately
possible because of complexity of the language, so we would have to
come up
with some clever solution. I have some ideas, we probably would need to
discuss it with Adrian or code it to prove the point.

b) bitbake concept is to build whole distribution in one go, not to build one
package or just spill out some dependencies. So some convincing/patchin
have to be done to make it do only these two tasks and to reuse existing
binary packages. That will be another challenge in the project.

So, there will be plenty of challenges on top of OBS and bitbake not being the
most user friendly software from administration point of view...

In general, I consider this task to be quite hard, so be warned ;-)

There will be a lot of work to do, but I think it will be great if we make

Welcome to discuss more details to help me improve my proposal. And I still
need a mentor to guide me in this project :)

I know you contacted me as this was originally my idea last year, I expect that
I will have more time constrains this year and more vacation through the
summer, so I don't feel like the good option for mentor. But if nobody else
volunteers, I can try my best. But it would pose more difficulties on you as
I'll not be available all the time and you would have to overcome some of the
immediate troubles by yourself. In fact I'm leaving for vacation in few hours
and will be not available till Thursday. Oh, and on top of it, I don't speak
python :-)

But if you are Ok with all that, I can be your mentor.

Michal Hrusecky <Michal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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