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[opensuse-buildservice] How to find packages for other distros
Dear all,
I'm trying to package my software to as many systems as possible.
And for each new distribution release it is always a pain to search
the correct name for the required packages for building the RPM.
:-( :-(
Maybe because I don't know the easy way to find the package name ??
What is your way to find the name package ?? Please, suggest me... or
just share our way to do it... maybe everyone can learn something :-)

My way:
- first I search the package name for openSuse from the search page
- after a successful compilation on openSuse, I'll try to figure out
how to write the dependecies in the form of pkgconfig(package); for
doing it, the only way I found is:
- to install the package on my opensuse,
- open Yast->Software Managements,
- look for the package,
- go to the list of installed files,
- looking for a file with extension .pc
- then I add other distro repositories with the hope that
pkgconfig(package) works also for them
- unlucky, does not work for all distribution... but I don't know how
to find out which of the two following error arise:
- unresolvable because the name of the package inside the
pkgconfig statement is wrong. This because other distro might install
a different named .pc file
- unresolvable because the package is not in the standard
repository of the distro
- unresolvable because the package version in the standard
repository is too old respect to what request by .spec file
- in this case, my only way is to look for the package in some
various rpm search engine like, etc, and
- when I found the name of the package, I'll put into the .spec file
an %if macro for the distro

and so on for all the distro !! :-(
So, the problem is even worst because different version of the same
distros have different behaviour :-S
For example, the "BuildRequires: pkgconfig(glu), cmake" works fine on
CentOS 6... while the same exacly statement does not work on CentOS 5
whith the error: "unresolvable pkgconfig(glu) and cmake"
Is it possible that "cmake" is in the standard repository of CentOS 6
and not into the standard repository of CentOS 5 ???
Is it possible that the CentOS 5 does not recognize the pkgconfig
command in BuildRequires ??

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