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Re: [opensuse-edu] Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: devel:languages:smalltalk dead?
Hi Michael

On Tue, 12 Mar 2013 22:34:49 +0100 Michael Behrisch wrote:
To be honest, I don't want to subscribe to two more voluminous mailing
lists ;-) I think the people in charge of d:l:s should be reading here
(which is not factory or packaging). I put opensuse-edu in CC, maybe
someone there has an opinion as well. Furthermore my SRs to Education
got accepted now so for the casual user the situation when doing the
software search might be more confusing now. I would still prefer
d:s:l to be deleted since there is no active maintainer.

Well, the only ones listed as maintainers for devel:languages:smalltalk
are Stefan and myself.

I know that I did just very small work there - but also got no
submit-requests for packages in this repo since a long time. And if you
compare who reviewed your submit-requests for the Education repo, you
might notice that I do reviews for all the projects I'm involved in
once I notice a request.

But as I am not a fan of thousands of repositories, I'm fine with
deleting the devel:languages:smalltalk repo and using the Education
repo instead. If Stefan has no objections, I will do this on Friday,

Just for reference my idea for all those "devel-Repos" is more like:
* we might need devel repos to keep the packages affecting each other
together in one specified repo to see very fast if something breaks
(I call it openSUSE:Factory - but we currently have just a limited
set of "maintainers" there)
* we might have dedicated repos for new/patched/whatever packages that
introduce incompatibilities to the current set (the main argument for
me to have different devel-repos)
* we might try to reduce the overall amount of repos wherever possible
to make it easier for developers and customers to find "their right
but that is my personal view and has nothing to do with the current
process on OBS.

With kind regards,
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