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RE: [opensuse-buildservice] files in /obs/events/?
The rest folders "i586, x86_64, armv7el, armv8el, .. etc" in /obs/events
stay empty as usual, except the '.ping' file.

Any possible reason causes file created in '/obs/events/armv5el' folder
when 'armv5el' is not enabled in $ OBS_SCHEDULER_ARCHITECTURES?
Only the scheduler creates it usually. So it got started once at least.
But you can just remove the directory.
I also just found out that whenever I create a new Project or new Package,
a new file will be created under 'obs/events/armv5el' and stays there.

If I create a new project 'RickLiu' and a new package under 'RickLiu' project,
I'll have 2 new files:
<event type="project">
<event type="package">

Is this normal?
(even though I didn't specify any arch for the new project/package,
the new files are created under armv5el arch). 

The schedulers running are only i586, x86_64, armv7el, and armv8el: (no
# ps aux |grep bs_sched
obsrun 15525 0.0 0.2 192348 113112 ? S 2012 125:41 /usr/bin/perl
-w ./bs_sched i586
obsrun 15526 0.0 0.1 148304 70200 ? S 2012 40:58 /usr/bin/perl
-w ./bs_sched x86_64
obsrun 15527 0.1 0.6 392676 308600 ? S 2012 292:27 /usr/bin/perl
-w ./bs_sched armv7el
obsrun 15528 0.0 0.2 218068 120260 ? S 2012 111:47 /usr/bin/perl
-w ./bs_sched armv8el


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