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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] packaging frogatto game - src rpm question
On Monday 04 February 2013 08:03:34 Jan Engelhardt wrote:
On Sunday 2013-02-03 15:22, Martin Koller wrote:

I'm trying to package the game frogatto, which has its source licensed as
GPL-3+ but the game data (sound, images, ..) as Freeware.
Therefore I created a .spec file which contains a "data" sub-package with
the Freeware license.

Note that "Freeware" is not sufficient as a license. It really needs to
be OSI-compliant "Libreware"/"Freedomware".

The license which I use in the spec file is "SUSE-Freeware" which is one of
the entries I found in the list "SUSE Mapping for" :

What problem do you see here ?

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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