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[opensuse-buildservice] Remote OBS: build fails with 400 remote error: remote error Bad request
Hi all,

I have a small issue on my private OBS instance, which remote links to build.o.o.

I see some of my packages in status failed (even though they used to work / build just fine without code changes).
osc bl shows me:

400 remote error: remote error Bad request

A little bit of digging in src_server.log, this error is apparently an error from a too long list of remote sources supposed to be downloaded.

The matching line in src_server.log:
2013-01-28 06:36:25 [9698]: GET /getbinaries?,acl,*many more packages listed*,perl-TimeDate,rpmlint-mini (AJAX)
400 remote error: Bad request

A very quick check shows that this get is somewhere between 4 and 5K in size.. so not really surprising that this causes issues..

When using osc build, there is the option --disable-cpio-bulk-download to work around the exact same issue. Is there a way to set an OBS instance to do the same? It clearly can not handle such a large chunk and as such should have some logic to not send such huge requests (maybe split it in multiple requests of only 1k each?)

My OBS version:

Best regards
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