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[opensuse-buildservice] how does osc handle long-lived branches?
  • From: Adam Spiers <aspiers@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 15:56:08 +0000
  • Message-id: <20121101155608.GA17276@pacific.linksys.moosehall>
Example scenario:

- configure 'submitrequest_on_accept_action = update' in ~/.oscrc

(BTW I can't find documentation for this option anywhere except
for comments in the config file template. Once you delete them,
the only way of retrieving them is to read the source :-/ )

- osc bco $prj $pkg

- hack on home:$me:$prj/$pkg, test, hack, test etc.

- commit to home:$me:$prj/$pkg

- submitrequest to $prj/$pkg

- submitrequest gets accepted

- wait a couple of months for $prj/$pkg to get updated by other people

At this point, I have numerous questions:

1. What is the state of home:$me:$prj/$pkg server-side?

2. Does it automatically contain all the latest changes from the upstream
$prj/$pkg? i.e. if I do 'osc up' on my working copy, will I get them?

3. If so, why? - how does this work?

4. If not, presumably there is some equivalent of 'osc pull' which
applies to branches rather than linkpac'd packages?

5. How would I cherry-pick some but not all of the upstream changes
into my branch?

6. Is any of this workflow documented anywhere? would
be the obvious place for it, but it's not there yet.

So, trying to reverse-engineer this, I see that my working copy of


contains the following line in .osc/_files:

<linkinfo baserev="663c096f8c0695af0960d98d6ed7b435"
lsrcmd5="b01017819c52ddd0eabd72fd7d5d3c64" package="obs-service-tar_scm"
project="openSUSE:Tools" srcmd5="ffd170170ba0a40a0db1015702ccdee5" />

and also 'osc log' shows:

r9 | buildservice-autocommit | 2012-07-27 13:35:33 |
b01017819c52ddd0eabd72fd7d5d3c64 | unknown | rq129093

baserev update by copy to link target

Looking in my working copy of openSUSE:Tools/obs-service-tar_scm, I
see that .osc/_files contains:

<directory name="obs-service-tar_scm"

So 'lsrcmd5' in the branch points to the baserev update autocommit,
and 'srcmd5' points to the directory revision of the upstream project.
But I'm still not really any wiser - what does baserev point to, how
is it used?

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