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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] openSUSE 11.4 ... do not disable repos on EOL?

Quoting Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx>:

However, I have an idea how to solve this in a different way in future:

* Implement a "remove repository from project" request type.

* Add an option to auto-accept after X time, if the request got not
(Such a request can only be created when the submitter has write
access in target,
but the admin has always ;)

=> That means we would not need to move the projects around anymore,
so nothing
breaks during that. Also more people get trained in re-acting on
requests to

What do you think about that approach?

I like this approach. It gives a 'veto' option to the project
maintainer, and helps keep the systems clean.

The only 'thing' to consider is the 'auto accept after X days': should
not be too short, to allow people to have a holiday once in a while.

And if possible: on 'auto accept' of the request, hermes should send
out an email stating that "this" has just been completed, possibly
with clear instructions on how to proceed if this was not meant to be.

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