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RE: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS 2.3 in VM : No Arm Build out the box...

I understand that this section should be added to my prjconf ... But it
means that my repository should contains a qemu-linux-user and qemu-
accel-arm package ... but original MeeGo doesn't contain them ...
Does it make sense to pick them from
/repositories/openSUSE:/Factory:/ARM/standard/x86_64 ?
Or is it preferable to pick up source and rebuild inside my OBS ?



[Rick Liu]
There's a third way not recommended by Andrian.
You can modify "/usr/lib/obs/server/build/build" file on your obs-server
to enable USE_SYSTEM_QEMU (set USE_SYSTEM_QEMU="--use-system-qemu"),
and install qemu-linux-user package onto your obs-workers.

In this way, you don't need to pick up from,
or have source package under your obs.
This is the way I'm using right now,
but my company is working on bringing qemu source to our obs.

The downside would be if you have too many workers,
it'll be hard to maintain a consistent qemu version across workers.
(some of cross build results depends on the qemu version you use.)


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