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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] feature request: a service to test spec file for distro specific policies
On 06/14/2012 08:54 PM, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012, 14:47:49 schrieb .. ink ..:
some distro's like opensuse seem to have policies on how a package is
to be build and these policy are checked in the spec file in addition
to rpm spec file requirements.

The build service seem to check the policies after the code is
compiled and the package is being build and then bail out if the limit
on error points in reached.

Trying to modify the spec file to go under the limit if not
eliminating them means spinning up the entire thing from the
beginning, build the sources and then check to see if a policy is not
violated, only to see a new. Doing guess work on my part means wasting
unnecessary resources on your part.I dont have suse locally so you
guys' resources are my only hope :-)

Having a way to process a spec file before building a package would
save a few resources on your guys part.


You can get find it in obs-service-source_validator package and for
build checks of the build result in rpmlint.

which is unfortunately broken on my system

toganm@desktop:~/devel/My_Packages/branched/clamav> osc service localrun
grep: Unmatched [ or [^
grep: Invalid range end
grep: Invalid range end
grep: Invalid range end
grep: Invalid range end
grep: Invalid range end
grep: Invalid range end
grep: Invalid range end
grep: Invalid range end
clamav-0.97.5.tar.gz clamav-rcclamd clamav-rcfreshclam
clamav-updateclamconf clamav-rpmlintrc clamav-rcmilter clamav-conf.patch
clamav-sles9.patch clamav-gcc47.patch error: line 49:
Unknown tag: Source0: clamav-0.97.5.tar.gz

I have

Any ideas what to look for further info

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