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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How to setup OBS to support multilib builing
On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 06:44:29AM +0800, He Zhenxing wrote:
I have setup a local OBS (2.3.0), and I'm working on some packages that
requires both 32 and 64 bit packages for building, I don't find a way to
make this work. It seems OBS does not support building packages this
way. I have put both 32 and 64 bit packages in the repository, but when
I use package.i386 or package.x86_64 in the requires of the package to
be built, the whole string include the arch name will be treated as a
package name and OBS will complain that the package is unresolvable.

Yes, that's currently pretty much hardcoded in the "build"
package used for package building. It's because on SUSE you
don't need multiple packages with the same name and different
architectures installed, the "32bit" versions get repackaged
into <name>-32bit packages, thus they don't conflict.

To make Fedora/RedHat style multilib work, we need to change
two things:
- the way the build service stores the packages in the "full" tree
(:full on disk, _repository over the API)
- the way the "build" package deals with the packages

OBS-2.3 won't support it, though. Sorry.


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