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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Uploading huge sources
On 5/9/2012 2:43 AM, Paul Elliott wrote:
On Tuesday, May 08, 2012 05:33:29 PM Brian K. White wrote:

Preferred just means preferred.

If the upstream offers tar.gz, tar.bz2 and tar.xz, use the tar.xz

I just had a package fail to package on several distros, include some old suse
distros, because it used xz.

When I switched it to bz2, it packaged on all distros!

I did not recompress anything, the upstream offered all three!

I think this policy is dumb.

I wasn't going as far as to call it dumb, just a mistake.

It's reasonable on the surface.

I just don't like the way that it chips away at the notion that keeping the upstream preserved as sacrosanct.

IE it's better to have a rule that applies the same everywhere always, absolutely, that you just don't touch the original at all, rather than try to have fuzzy rules that it's ok to change some aspects but not others in some situations but not others.

No, instill and preserve a habit that you simply always preserve the original, period. Then no one ever get's it wrong. It's part of robust procedure design. It also falls under "Make it easy for them to get it right".

Otherwise in 3 years there will be entirely different people working for suse, who will not have been part of this conversation and who may not have been raised by people who learned the hard way that you must maintain good data hygiene habits or else you are left with details getting lost over time and details not being trustworthy later, and there will be some wizbang new archiver like star or dar or xar or afio, only even newer and possessing even more desirable new features than those, and these new kids will see that hey we felt free to implement the auto recompressor, why not also an auto rearchiver? The re-archived sources will be more efficiently searchable, arranged in blocks that somehow make them more efficient for raid/rsync/zfs/btrfs/snapshotting/flash-drives/etc and have random access without unpacking and have parseable xml headers and be able to handle exotic new file types and metadata that don't even exist right now etc etc ... we won't change the files, just unpack and repack and when they are unpacked again they will be exactly the same as if you had unpacked the original simple tar we promise..., you know except that the directories will have proper acl xattr's etc etc... in other words, not the same.

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