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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] It is not possible to register an account.
06.05.2012 03:16, Graham Anderson wrote:
On Sunday 06 May 2012 02:19:02 Eugene K. Goleshev wrote:
I've taken the source code from GitHub
(, because if I'm not
mistaken, there are no other options to get it. OBS version must be 2.3.

I don't want to speak for the OBS developers but I would imagine you can get a
working 2.3.x version image from the OBS home page:

I think you might have inadvertantly built a development version from the main
dev git tree. I have personally had great success using the raw images and
writing those to my desired VM volumes. After the image writing, you can
continue to update your OBS server and workers from the pre-configured
repositories using the standard zypper and/or yast cli tools.

If you need to install OBS 2.3.x without using an image, then I'm not the man
to ask and I'll defer to the advice I'm sure the OBS devs can offer you.

You are absolutely right. For some reason I thought if I clone the repo I will get stable version of OBS (2.3). Thus, I used developing version. Thank you for your answers.
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