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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] about the new web software search
On 13.04.2012 12:39, Ruediger Meier wrote:

IMO the new search webinterface is quiet useless now.

You have to do too many clicks just to find out which exactly versions
of a package are available and what particular project it comes from.
In fact it even seems to find much less packages than available on OBS.

Hi Ruediger,
we designed the new search with focus on normal users and not obs experts,
but I also want to satisfy the powerusers and offer all info that they need.

I would stick to the extra click that is currently needed to show all available
of a package, as that option is only used by few users and confuses all others.

I would also say that it's not slower to get to the information you need,
in the old search you had to read through lots of search results with your
package maybe on page x of the paginated view.

It's not clear on first view how to browse directly into the source
project page where the search hit belongs too. Also IMO confusiong that
project names are shown somehow "human readble" instead of just using
the well known (and copy/pasteble) strings like "openSUSE:11.4:Update".

What do you mean by "source project page"? The OBS page that is linked from the
project name?
I agree that we need to find a nice way to show more info for the repo line,
for example a way to get to
the ftp repo is missing, and we could also show the last changed date for

I don't think that the human readable names confuse the users, on the contrary
they should make
it easier and hide the technical obs names. Why would you like to copy/paste the name

Another thing, why you always hide the "show distribution" menu after
submitting the search button? This is very annoying. Moreover I
generally hate these kind of java script pages where the page back
button never does what you would expect...

The back button should be working even when using the ajax search, we use pjax
for that.
Could you open a bug about that, so I can check?

Is the old web search still available somewhere?

No, it's not. Maybe the obs webui or osc have search methods that better suit
your needs than the enduser search on software.o.o.


Thomas Schmidt (tom [at]
openSUSE Boosters Team
"Don't Panic", Douglas Adams (11.03.1952 - 11.05.2001)
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