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[opensuse-buildservice] master now requires rails 3.2 and other gems

Just a little warning - I merged my rails 3.2 port into master,
creating some problems aside that you should be aware of if you
want to play with master:

- hidden projects are visible for generic cases, most routes use
check_access? though, which still works.
- api has no more user/group/role management web page. Of course you
can still create users using the console
- exception_notifier is patched out right now
- we require specific versions of all gems now. All versions needed
will be in openSUSE:Tools:Unstable - but you're free to use them
from rubyforge if you prefer. But bundle will make sure you have
them in the same version.
- we require mysql2 driver instead of mysql as OBS 2.3 - this is also
the rails recommended driver and it has much better performance. You
need to adapt your config/database.yml
- your environment.rb will need to be patched

For the later I also changed the way these development.$HOMENAME.rb
files work. In the past they were a full copy of development.rb, which
required to add all defaults there too.

Now you can overwrite all config options or CONFIG elements in a
development.$HOMENAME.rb file, but you can just leave it all out.

For reference, my file looks like this:

CONFIG['source_host'] = "localhost"
CONFIG['source_port'] = 5352

OBSApi::Application.configure do
config.cache_store = :memory_store

The webui is still rails 2.3, but this will change soonish, fortunately
rails-3_2 and rails-2_3 are co-installable. But you need to be aware
that "rails" will most likely be 2.3, so you use rails-3_2 for stuff.

Ah, btw: rails 3 no longer has a ./script/console or a ./script/server.
This is all done by rails-3_2 now, so use e.g. "rails-3_2 server -e test"

Greetings, Stephan

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