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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Reworking the software search, part II
On 20.03.2012 10:52, Martin Seidler wrote:
Am 19.03.2012 12:13, schrieb Thomas Schmidt:
On 18.03.2012 15:45, Martin Seidler wrote:
Am 18.03.2012 00:37, schrieb Thomas Schmidt:
On 16.03.2012 20:44, Martin Seidler wrote:
>>>>>>> * Thomas Schmidt<tom@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [03-12-12 11:44]:
>>>>>>>> Please check the new search at:
>>>>>>>> and see an example app page here:
>>>>>>>> Please let me know what you think of the current state.
Trying to follow you new introduced case
I will not see name of the file
Something like that would suffice in my point of view.

I made some more space for the version number. It should be readable now.

I do still not know why the new search leads me to a result from
"home:TheTiger" and
and with 12.1 the URL of the repository "
gives me still something from "drivers:nic/openSUSE_Tumbleweed" and
" ".

I would say it is a bug in the old search that it offers Tumbleweed packages
when searched for 12.1 because it
will switch the user to Tumbleweed when he adds that repo.
Technically this is because the obs backend marks Tumbleweed packages as build
for 12.1.

Which is obviously build for an older
Kernel version, because it fails
to build in the drivers:nic obs project since some time.
If this information would be displayed on the output for results in community
and home repositories it might be a bit more in the direction of
So I think it
won't be installable for you and the
package management will detect this. Or am I wrong here?
I have no Tumbleweed installation so I am not able to test your new introduced
case. But if you do point me a case for a 12.1 installation I
will try if the package management will prevent me from ruining my system or

But do you think that trying to install each package that might work and hoping
for the package management to give more information in the
process of installing is
an good alternative to supplying more information like in the output old search?

With the full version displayed now, there isn't more information in the old
search output.
What I think is that if you are not absolutely sure about what you are doing
you shouldn't leave the area of supported packages.


We are in the area of unsupported packages here where the page shows a
clear warning that there are risks.
We are in a area where nether zypper nor YaST nor YaST2>Software Management nor
the wiki will give any information before adding even more
repositories to the package management of the installed system.

Is it necessary to reduce the information of the output in this area in order
to make better for a task that could
be done with zypper or YaST or YaST2>Software Management or the wiki like
searching for packages in the Main and Update repositories of your
recently installed version of openSUSE?

Ok, I see your point here, but is your complain still about the shortened
version number or something else?

But if a layout with less information is the price to pay for
getting results for openSUSE 12.1 and not openSUSE Tumbleweed
if someone searches for packages for openSUSE 12.1
than this improvement will probably be even worth the lost of information in
the new display of the results.

I don't want you to lose information that you need from the old search.


Is the 'thing' on
a new search engine/an other search engine
makes me
suspect this)
only a new layout/presentation of the output of the old search engine?

It's something in between. It uses the obs api as the old search as base for
the search results, but also uses
appstream data that the obs now generates and screenshots from debshots.
More enhancements are planned by adding browsing apps through categories
and connecting to a comment and rating server. The appstream project is a cross
distribution effort, more at:

"Unsupported" is not a term with a clear meaning - if the packages from the community and
home repositories are "unsupported"
than the conclusion is possible and in my view likely to make (as a argumentum
e contrario) that the packages from the other repositories are
supported. But who wants to give, grant or guaranty any support to that
packages and in what way and extent?
Do for example the packages from the Evergreen repositories really need more
more warnings than the packages from the Tumbleweed repositories?
I think that here was made a simplifiation of not simple things and this will
probably lead to more confusion.

Supported means that package updates to those repos go through a review and
that bugfixes and security updates
are done. That doesn't mean that community packages are out of that list,
because every package maintainer can
request inclusion in Factory, Tumbleweed or Evergreen.

You are right, we probably should add Evergreen to the list of supported

If I recall my last try to use that "new search"[1] I was only seeing something like
""8.027.00 ..." instead of the full filenames. If so there
might be an improvement of the output or the layout.


Thomas Schmidt (tom [at]
openSUSE Boosters Team
"Don't Panic", Douglas Adams (11.03.1952 - 11.05.2001)
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