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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How do I unmark packages as a devel project?
On 03/06/2012 02:14 PM, Sascha Peilicke wrote:
On 02/26/2012 07:43 AM, Dave Plater wrote:
After continually getting multimedia packages that I was working on in
home:plater, messed up by other submissions I had the bright idea to
make the package the devel project of the multimedia:libs package.
Unfortunately I can't delete or "undevel" the package and with my
current situation I'm not on line enough to manage this either.

The problem I attempted to address is a real problem though, there
should be a way for a maintainer to lock the package that he's working
on, especially before release when there's a lot of activity.

The key here is communication and not ignorance, which you showed here:

where you simply chopped a previous submission (by yours truly):

The key concept here would have been called 'merging' and isn't really
specific to OBS. But lets go on a bit, after 'working' on that package,
you reopened a request to Factory
( that was reasonably
declined (see our packaging policies). It's rather funny that I wanted
to do you a favor with just the above submission and fix your issues ;-)

Long story short, I would really appreciate if you could stop pretending
to be the one true source of wisdom
This comment really baffles me.
and try to collaborate with others
(like me).

And don't try to make your home project the devel project for any other
project (please revert if you already did), otherwise I'll make mine a
devel project of yours!
I find your language offensive, especially after having a forced absence and still managing to work on bugs using a mobile phone during the period.
As I politely pointed out that I was unfamiliar with the new reopen feature and the supersedeing. The correct response would be to enlighten me, I still don't understand what the reopen button is, I have been unable to read any list emails apart from bugzilla and the messages I received from users concerning rosegarden, blender and lilypond.

I realise there are differences in communication between english and germans, I have worked with Germans and I have both German and Austrian friends, I try very hard to prevent misunderstanding but in this case I think I failed.
I'm still under very difficult circumstances, please understand that my time spent replying to this email is precious but I'm not sure if you could understand poverty and hardship like I do.

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