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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Reworking the software search page
On 01.03.2012 17:42, Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
Am 01.03.12, 12:05 +0100 schrieb Thomas Schmidt:
As part of the current boosters sprint[1] which aims at integrating
the appstream[2] project into our distribution we would like to enhance
the web view on our packages at software.o.o/search.

Great and very much appreciated. Usability could really be improved.

With the final target of an web-based appstore we began thinking of
how to display a package (app) to the user.
The challenge is to make available the matrix of different OS versions,
repositories and package versions in a clear way while making it easy for
the standard user to get the latest stable version for his OS without getting

We see almost non relevant search results and have often enough to page through
for what we want. Most of this comes due to versions mixing in
and due to different repositories offering the same package, of course with
modifications. Your current design looks to clean that up.

We already have a mockup available:

The page locks very clear, which appears nice. I like it.

Thanks :-)

As said, during the search come currently many many results up. One thing I
like in modern search forms for example in OBS or susestudio is the
presentation during typing in the search letters.

When typing in kate I would like to see Kate results first. If there is a
package called kate with all lower letters then that of course on top.
Packages like Kate-lang-de could follow later.

It would be cool if the search form can make a difference between searched
projects and theyr version number. So the search form (or page) lists real
packages first, if the user found the correct one she/he can proceed
to the right distribution and then go to whatever version is prefered.
It looks as your design covers that allready. Then take it as a confirmation ;-)

The "Go to OBS Project" link is missed.

I can imagine that the following runs out of scope for your project, but it is
highly related. The nice Direct Install button would look good
above Ubuntu and Fedora packages. Without that convenient one click install
mechanism most user run screaming to each respective distribution as
they feel lost os like second class users compared to openSUSE/SUSE.

Do you have an idea how to create that?
What we currently do on another package download site is this:
showing how to add the repo and install with yum/apt-get.


Feedback appreciated :-)

Thanks for working on that.


kind regards

Thomas Schmidt (tom [at]
openSUSE Boosters Team
"Don't Panic", Douglas Adams (11.03.1952 - 11.05.2001)
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