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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How do I unmark packages as a devel project?
On 02/26/2012 01:26 PM, Marcus Meissner wrote:
On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 08:43:12AM +0200, Dave Plater wrote:
After continually getting multimedia packages that I was working on in
home:plater, messed up by other submissions I had the bright idea to make
the package the devel project of the multimedia:libs package. Unfortunately
I can't delete or "undevel" the package and with my current situation I'm
not on line enough to manage this either.
Which package and which direction?
One example is "home:plater libkate" is the devel project for "multimedia:libs libkate", I'm not quilte sure of which packages I also did this to before I realised that there wasn't an undevel command. I'm sure I've done it to a few more packages as well.

The problem I attempted to address is a real problem though, there should
be a way for a maintainer to lock the package that he's working on,
especially before release when there's a lot of activity.
I do not think this kind of locking is good...

Most package work in my mind is short timed and should be transfered to the
project quite fast.

There are always merging issue possible, but this should be seldom?

ciao, Marcus
I have a few packages that need a lot of work to update: lilypond and blender are difficult to maintain, I can't remember ever having a lilypond release that didn't have issues, lilypond is large and to have to re checkout the whole package again because somebody with good intentions cleaned up the spec file and a maintainer has innocently accepted it, this has happened before. I also work on other packages while waiting for one to build and publish for testing, I like to install from the online repository to make sure that everything installs smoothly. All said I always copy my local copy into a .backup directory and have needed to use it often. I'm internet bandwidth disadvantaged and every megabyte counts atm due to only having a shared 384K down 64K up connection. Lastly being a community maintainer I need to work for money sometimes and if that happens to be in the middle of ie. "getting lilypond back into factory along with guile1 because I wasn't around to complain when guile was updated to 2.0" it gets extremely frustrating. Luckily another user came to my rescue.
If it's only a quick version update, locking is maybe not necessary, I haven't had the situation where I've wasted time updating only to find that somebody else has already done it but multimedia is a high interest area and there are quite a few outside submissions. Maybe a flag that can be set to show in a submit request that another maintainer is already working on the package and redirects the submission the the maintainers home project.
Making a package in my home project the devel package of the multimedia satisfies my requirements if I could only undevel it afterwards. Maybe there's already something in place, I haven't even been able to follow the packaging list since January.

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