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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS and git
  • From: Adam Spiers <aspiers@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 10:51:52 +0000
  • Message-id: <20120216105152.GB11964@southern.linksys.moosehall>
Ruediger Meier (sweet_f_a@xxxxxx) wrote:
On Tuesday 14 February 2012, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Is it possible to commit local only?

No. But again, I think this is a minor thing. It is way more
important to have offline builds to be able to do packaging work.

It might be a minor thing from OBS admin's view. From developers view I
wouldn't leave the room as long as my working copy is dirty. And I
wouldn't even start to work if my VCS does not have full functionality
yet. That's why I _workaround_ with "git init". Just pity that I can't
save my local git history directly on OBS so I need to hope that I
don't make mistakes when manually synchronizing my work between local
git and remote OBS.

My habits are the same as yours, Rudi. I guess Adrian's point is that
normally the changes required within the osc working directory are
tiny and really simple (e.g. update .tar.bz2 / .changes / Version
number in .spec file). Although when working on the tests for
obs-service-tar_scm, I had to develop the full test suite inside this
directory, so I had to do 'git init' otherwise it would have been a

Hey, I don't want to force you moving OBS to git. Just mentioned that it
would be a real improvement (at least for the packagers who care as
much about history and commit style like me).

Trying to summarize a few different threads of discussion from the
last few days:

- everyone seems generally agreed that, if (and only if!) the
implementation challenges could be solved, having git frontend
and backends for OBS would bring a lot of advantages (these are
very nicely documented at

- there are a LOT of challenges to overcome before this could
happen, and some still have no known solution according to Adrian

- some really good work was started in 2009 as documented on the
wiki page

Remaining questions:

1. Is the *outcome* of the GSoC 2009 project documented anywhere?

2. Is anyone still working on it?

3. Is bsgit still usable? Doesn't seem to have changed since 2009.

I'm also guessing noone has spare time to dedicate to such a big
project right now. So my suggestion is to take a "divide and conquer"
or "softly softly" approach:

- establish a central location (e.g. the wiki) for documenting and
working on the existing problems

- ensure that this location contains past work, current status, and
future work (it doesn't have to be polished, just reasonably

- classify future work items into two separate buckets:

+ problems we know how to solve, but which haven't been done yet
+ problems for which there is still no solution

(BTW this last item is particularly important, otherwise people
could waste time implementing something which might not work in
the real world e.g. due to scalability issues or some of the other
concerns Adrian already mentioned.)

If we had this documentation then people would be able to choose a
small chunk of work whenever they have a bit of spare time, and then
hopefully we could maintain a small amount of momentum.

So if noone has any objections, I am happy to start working on
updating the wiki - but then I would need some help, because with the
exception of what was recently stated on these lists, I am missing a
lot of information about known problems with moving to git.
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