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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: openSUSE:Tools dropped 11.3 repo already?
* Archie Cobbs <archie.cobbs@xxxxxxxxx> [01-27-12 10:15]:

If the answer is "because 11.3 is EOL" well then I guess what I don't
agree with is that equation. All openSUSE are (by definition)
supported by their owners. These owners need the OBS repos in order to
perform that support. If that support is unilaterally denied at the 18
month mark, then it dramatically reduces the usefulness of openSUSE
for a large swath of possible use cases (basically, everything other
than personal use).

OK, let's just admit the obvious: Novell is a business and it doesn't
want to allow business' "mission critical" software to run on openSUSE
because that represents lost revenue for SLES. Their enforcement
mechanism is to limit openSUSE support to 18 months. While this is
entirely in their right, this is a very blunt instrument. It is
similar to the airlines charging you a higher price if you don't stay
over a Saturday night: another blunt instrument targeted at business

off-base Novell != openSUSE

While, as I read the conversations on the mail lists, consideration is
given to Novell's business model but not *defining* the path of openSUSE.
Novell has no "enforcement mechanism" in place. You are grasping straws
and causing confusion, ie: spreading fud.

The lifetime of each issue of openSUSE is well documented.
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