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[opensuse-buildservice] historic errors showing up again in linkedbuild projects

It's me again. It seems I am running into all bugs related to
linkedbuild projects in combination with source services. Probably I
am the only user of this feature set combination. ;)

Now, here it is: With current versions, including up to this version:

commit ad4cc3d11b9b6daed710f7d7bad80d7b9440c2e6
Author: Michael Schroeder <mls@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri Dec 16 16:02:38 2011 +0100

[backend] use url as fallback for title in patchinfo references

I can see the following behavior:

1. I have a project (referring to as the main project in the
following) including some packages using source services that pull
their sources from an external server.

2. I have other projects that have a subset of packages from the
previous projects and pull in the rest of the packages with the
linkedbuild feature.

3. One day the external source server referred to in the source
services was temporarily down, thus leading to source service errors
in the main project and thus some broken packages.

4. After the external source server came back up again I retriggered
all source service runs that previously failed and got successful
results, such that all packages in the project were fine again.

5. Some packages (but interestingly not all of them) in the
linkedbuild projects kept the error. It is not possible to retrigger
the runs there since those packages are only linked ones and no real

6. Making an explicit copy of an affected package into the linkedbuild
project fixes the problem, since the package is now a materialized
copy and thus causes a separate source service run. As soon as this
copy is removed again though and the project falls back to the linked
project the error reappears.

7. Creating a new linkedbuild project has the same broken packages,
even though the packages had been fixed in the main project already
long time before the new linkedbuild project was created.

So, to sum this up: What I observed in 5-7 seems to be a bug that the
source service results are not always copied correctly, picking an
outdated result for copying instead of the most recent one. Especially
the fact that the problem even persists for newly created projects
makes me a bit nervous about the reliability here.

Anyone with an idea, what could be causing that, which places in the
sources I should focus on for searching for the cause? Alternatively
does someone have a good idea for a suitable workaround that is
smarter than my current approach to just explicitly copy in all
packages that suffer from this behavior?

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