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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Use libraries from existing rpms for build?
On 11/30/2011 5:38 PM, Bob Haxo wrote:

I'm trying to move a piece of a large build tree into OBS. It is not
possible in one step to move all of the large build tree into OBS.

The piece that I'm trying to build in OBS has dependencies on bits
external to that code.

Is it possible to use rpms from the existing build to satisfy build
dependencies in OBS?

From the docs, it looks like this is possible. For example as
described in:

or perhaps creating a repo and using the "aggregate" or the "link"
feature, as described elsewhere.

I have created a local repository following the steps presented in the
above "private instance" reference. And the bs_admin --dump-cache does
show the packages of interest for the repository that I created (using
"private instance" reference). It would seem that all that is left to
do is to add this repository to the list of distro repositories used
when building.

However, after a couple days working on this I have been unable to get
the build to find the required package.

(1) It would be very helpful to know that I'm headed in the correct
direction, and ...
(2) I would be very grateful for any suggestions as to what it is that I
might be missing.

Bob Haxo

Not sure what you're doing different but I can say that in an ordinary project in a home repo, builds will find and use other packages in the same project/repo as well as from the normal build target repo without having to do anything explicit or extra. I have several such dependencies myself.

ie, recent hylafax+ requires newer libtiff than exists in the older suse/opensuse targets. Newer libtiff requires newer autoconf than exists in those same older targets.

So in the same project that has hylafax+ I also have libtiff and autoconf. All 3 tried to build but tiff and hylafax+ waited for autoconf to build, then when autoconf built tiff started building and hylafax+ continued to wait, then when tiff built hylafax+ finally built.
They waited for the local packages specifically instead of the same packages available from the target system repo because I used buildrequires foo >= #.## in the spec files, which fails to match any packages from the target repo for the older targets like opensuse 10.2 .

That isn't the only way for me to have met those particular requirements of course, nor really the best probably in that case since both autoconf and tiff are pretty standard common packages. I'm just recounting that that simple approach does work without having to do anything fancy.

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