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[opensuse-buildservice] osc: how to checkout package into current directory?

Is it possible to checkout package into already existing or current directory
without creating PACKAGE directory?

Let me explain why I need it. My package directory structure looks like this:


Quite common project structure, I'd say. It's under git control. What I want is
to be able to use osc when in rpm/ subdirectory. For that I need osc to be able
to create package structure right in the current directory, without creating
PACKAGE subdirectory. So, the workflow of creating and working with packaging
would be something like this:

git clone git_url_of_mypackage
create empty package mypackage in WebUI or better using osc mkpac, but that's
another story
cd mypackage
mkdir rpm
git archive --prefix mypackage-version/ HEAD | gzip >
cd rpm
osc co -o. myproject mypackage
vi mypackage.spec
git add mypackage.spec
git commit -m 'Added spec'
osc add mypackage.spec mypackage-version.tar.gz
osc commit ...

I'm able to work around it by moving .osc directory from rpm/PACKAGE/.osc to
rpm/. However, from my point of view it would be better to have one more option
for osc to do it.

What do you think? If it doesn't sound bad or totally incorrect would you
accept patch implementing it?


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