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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Thoughts about moving OBS code to Github
Hello everyone,

several OBS developers are currently thinking about moving our code from
Gitorious to Github. During the last months, Gitorious showed many
stability issues (including today, when they lost SSH keys). We believe
that Github has countless advantages:

* The URL is shorter
* Has way better availability
* E-mail notifications actually work
* Requests can be merged in the browser
* Better support for server-side commit hooks
* Half of the openSUSE project (that used to be on Gitorious) is already
there * OBS is there too (mirrored only): Service
* It is actively developed

To be complete, Gitorious also has advantages:

* It's free software

It should be mentioned that we (as in adrian, coolo and me) don't care at
all about the latter point as Github is really Open Source friendly.
However, if you see issues in the above proposal please speak up,
otherwise we may simply move in the next days. Gitorious will either be
dropped completely or remain as a read-only mirror...

I also support moving to Github.

Several times i had issues while committing on Gitourious related with
ssh-keys, even though everything seemed fine, (really annoying).

Just my two-cents.

Metin Akdere
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