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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] deploying the OBS backend to multiple servers
On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 01:12:58PM +0200, Robert Schiele wrote:
This information was gathered by a lot of grepping through the source
code and thus is not necessarily complete or completely correct. What
I'd be interested here is now whether someone could tell me whether
this is correct or what is missing/wrong in this analysis.

I think it's pretty correct.

What is completely missing from this analysis is the /upload
directory, since I saw that multiple modules were using that one but
it seemed they were using completely independent namespaces within
there. Is this correct?

That's just a tmp dir.

The background of this analysis is that if I splitted different
modules to different servers that I knew which directories should be
shared among which hosts via NFS and which of them could be on the
local disk. Or would you generally recommend to share the whole
filesystem space among them since relying on the above information is
generally to fragile?

Are there people with a general recommendation on how to split the
various modules to different servers. When I talked to Adrian once he
suggested to run the WebUI+API on one machine, the srcserver on
another one and the rest on a third one (at least if I remember
correctly). For sure the workers will run on separate machines in any
case. Is this what people think is a good balancing or does someone
come up with different ideas?

The design is:
- one source server running bs_srcserver

[ - one source service server, running bs_service ]

- multiple repository servers, each running a

The "multiple" part is not really implemented yet (but it would not
be too hard to implement it).

The publishing part is missing from the list, currently you would
need to run a bs_publish on each repserver host as well. Maybe
this can be relaxed in the future.

Could someone describe the infrastructure of Which
parts are running on separate servers, what parts of the relevant
filesystems are network mounted on the machines from where and so on?

We use the above layout (with just one repo server).

We do *not* use NFS. We had many troubles with NFS in the old
autobuild system, thus the obs is designed to not use NFS.


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