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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS Logo
Robert et al,

Regarding the logo from the initial mail there's a few things I
like... I'm not sure if they were intended by Robert but here's what I

* Number 3 - The most visible aspect of the logo are the "3" collumns
for me. Number "3" has several meanings across cultures and is free of
"negative charge" for the most... for example, number three is
associated with:

- invoking expression;
- versatility;
- joy of creativity.

The number three is a time identifier for "Past", "Present" and
"Future". "Three's" in people's lifes are often associated with the
need of expressing yourself as a creative person, or consider present
directional path in relation to past events and future goals. Three
typically symbolizes reward and success in the most undertakings.

For the most, I see the "three collumns" as a very distinctive and
favorable identifier on the logo, it does place some positive thing.

Color: My monitor calibration brings up a strange tone of blue/grey on
the logo... It's know that many artists use blue to show perspective,
blue is often associated with truth, spirit and peace. The grey is
associated with maturity and security (also with sorrow).

Personally the colors are nice if you see OBS, though I believe they
should be a bit more flashy and not look so 'dead'.

About the logo itself, it has a good visual metaphore if you already
know OBS, but for people which do not know OBS, that metaphore can be
hard to achieve. I wouldn't associated software building/development
with the civil engineering. I would rather associate it with an 'act
of creation' than just socketing bricks into a wall. If we're talking
about creating the right color would be Red (passion, creation).
Another thing on the logo is the fact that it has too much sharp
shapes, this makes people focus on the logo and our brain will try to
gather up a meaning for those shapes, this will eventually lead to
people getting tired of seeing the logo. I would probably try
something a bit more abstract if something has to be changed and use
less sharpen shapes.

I wouldn't use text at all for the logo, it simplifies cultural
adaptation and gives more focus on the logo by not stealing the
spotlight. If the logo is a good visual metaphore you don't need text
for it ;)

My 2 cents, worth for whatever they are worth, which is, nothing.


2011/8/3 Robert Lihm <rlihm@xxxxxxx>:
Hello All!

I made a new logo for the OBS [1]. The second variant in the PNG is mainly
for cases like e.g. ads, banners, etc. Where the logo is small/tiny.

Hope you like it ;-)





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