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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS Logo
I agree that the tone was not helpful and immediately contributed to
degradation of a thread that was meant to be collaborative.  Let's not
slamp people when they offer up their ideas or end-works.  Let's learn
to speak more constructively.

Being constructive:

You ask me if I like your shoes, I say "No they are ugly". What is the
problem the tone, it seems to me the problem is that a few people like
to pound others whenever they disagree, and even promote some kind of
hypocrite stance to make them look like hostile.

Furthermore, the comment had a few truth's, that YOU as a Marketing
professional should be aware if you really understand anything at all
about Marketing, starting with cultural adaptation of a product (which
includes the Fifth Leg font you mention bellow, which is known to have
problem with cyrillic support, a concern already subject to bug
reports from the russian speaking community).

So, just a quick question:

* Why do some people like to take everything that is said on the
negative side and not focus on the positive?

From a marketing perspective, let's not forget also that OBS is not just
a community project tool but also a product with commercial offerings.
So it needs to be a logo that appeals both to community and enterprise

From a marketing perspective, segmentation exists for a purpose. Think
it over and decide what is the main role. You can neither please
trojans and greeks at the same time.

As for text font, I'd like to see us be consistent with using FifthLeg
wherever possible, but that's only a wish, not an insistence.  :-)

I quote from the contribution you tried to bash down, which is one of
the most basic facts in Marketing:

* "The font isn't readable and anyway it's a logo and probably
shouldn't have that"

The problem goes beyond this with:
* The font is no longer maintained by Steiner;
* The font was subject to bug reports from members of the Russian
speaking community in which point to the lack of Cyrillic Glyphs.
* A font that has known problems with cultural adaptation shouldn't be
used for branding;

My thing is that Fifth Leg should actually be dropped from any
branding, including openSUSE because honestly, it's not a font for the
future, it's something from the past.

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