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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] access to log information from a linked project

I have joined your two previous mails for clarity.

I don't know obs2obscopy
obstag and obscopy are two small utilities that I have create to mirror
project between OBS instances.
For more see :
Why not using project or package links ?
My use case of private OBS instance is aiming at people who need to
provide very long term support of their software (typical >10 to 25
years). As you would easily guess, assuming that longevity with a link
on a public OBS instance is not acceptable.
Btw /public is declared as not official part of the API. It is just and
exclusively for inter-OBS link. It should not be used by any tool.
I do not use /public directly in any tool but I have link created on my
private OBS instance pointing on the public API of (called as you can create from the web UI with the button "setup OBS"

When I do on my private OBS : osc log myhome:myMeeGoCopy zypper
I get the log info for mypackage (with the much needed MD5).

r18 | peter | 2011-04-20 11:57:49 | 8c74e45c667be611098b61f7c8403d2e |
1.5.3 | sr16587

Review ok
r17 | rolla | 2011-01-05 03:51:02 | 1169c733e75159352a42e4ac0f28f45b |
1.5.2 | sr11462

...... (log cut here)

If indirectly try to get the log info of a package via the link by doing
: osc log zypper
I will get no log info at all. Just the package name. I do not
understand why.
I can assure, links are just working at least with current code base. We
have also at least one test casefor that in our current test suite.
Can then explain me why osc log command reports differently when
accessed via a linked project than directly? and hoz I can overturn the
limitation ?


Dominig ar Foll
MeeGo TV
Open Source Technology Centre
Intel SSG

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