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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] access to log information from a linked project

What is the "log info" for you exactly ?
the information that you obtain when you type the command :
osc log PRJ PKG
It is true that only some data is exposed via the public api, but it should be
enough to run valid builds.
The information is actually exposed via the API as found by Carlsen.
Running the small command bellow demonstrate it :


The revision numbers come via source server (CI_CNT or vrev in the _history
api call) and the build count should not matter here, because you do anyway a
build in another project/repo.

So, I don't get the point what exactly you miss here.
I am not interested by the revision number but by the MD5. The MD5
remains the same from one OBS instance to an other one what allows to
create Tag (e.g. via obstag) which can be used to copy (e.g. via
obs2obscopy) the exact version of the desired packages from one OBS
instance to an other one.
it become also easy to only copy the packages which have changed when
replicating project from one OBS to an other.

Unfortunately as the log info is not presented from linked OBS, the
concept of Tag cannot be used if the user does not have a login on the
source OBS.

As the information is available on the public API, it's a shame not to
be able to use it simply via a link.

-- Dominig

Dominig ar Foll
MeeGo TV
Open Source Technology Centre
Intel SSG

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