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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] link or aggregate?
On Sa 06 Aug 2011 16:32:46 CEST Darin Perusich <darin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a package I'm building that has a ton of dependencies from the
devel:/languages:/perl repository and from reading the build service
tips and tricks it would appear that using either _link or _aggregate
is the solution for handling the dependencies. Is there any example
documentation on how to accomplish this or can someone point at a
package which do this so I can review it?

Instead linking/aggregating tons of packages from another repository, why don't you add this repository as base directory for building?

Here's an example:

=> osc meta prj $myproject -e

Now adapt the config of your project to use also packages from project devel:languages:perl, repository openSUSE_Factory (have a look at the d:l:p project for more possible repos) for building.

<repository name="openSUSE_Factory">
<path project="openSUSE:Factory:NonFree" repository="snapshot"/>
<path project="devel:languages:perl" repository="openSUSE_Factory"/>

Another benefit: people installing a package from your project via one-click-install will also get the d:l:p repository that fits to their distribution.


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