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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] sending notifs without hermes?
On 04/08/11 00:49, Robert Xu wrote:
Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible that the OBS can send notifications
to a certain mailing list whenever something is checked in a project,
like opensuse-commits, but without hermes. Is that possible? Like
writing a plugin or a plugin already available (that would be really
great) to send the system a mail command or something...

Well, a general notification system is a complex beast; you may be better just catching an event and sending a mail and then looking at something like Hermes or BOSS later.

OBS has a 'lightly' documented event system which Hermes uses and which we tie into from BOSS.

You want the SRCSRV_COMMIT but notice there are interactions with the SRCSRV_REQUEST_* ones.

Note that the first part of the name helps identify the daemon that emits the

We're hoping to document the existing events better and extend with some useful additions.

FYI #meego-boss on freenode reports some events from the MeeGo community OBS. We also have project/room specific irc-bots that talk about request state changes.



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