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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: [opensuse-project] [gsoc] osc code cleanup - summary of week 6
On 2011-07-07 22:06:53 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
Le lundi 04 juillet 2011, à 14:15 +0200, Marcus Hüwe a écrit :
- rewrite the project and package working copy classes:
* the new working copy format will be incompatible with the current
* the basic layout will look like this:
---> .osc/ (stores prj _and_ pkg metadata)
---> pkg1
---> <files>
---> pkgN
---> <files>

I don't know about others, but this doesn't fit my usage of osc: I
actually dislike that, by default, we reproduce the prj/pkg/ hierarchy
and I prefer a "flat" view of things: I usually check out all packages
in the same directory (osc co -c).

My rationale for that is that I work (99% of the time) on packages that
will end in openSUSE:Factory, and while I know the devel projects and
all this, when checking out a package, I don't care if it comes from
GNOME:Apps, GNOME:Factory, multimedia:libs or Base:System. I will care
about devel projects when I think "should I push the changes from
GNOME:Factory to openSUSE:Factory?", but not when I think "should I do
this change in the package?".

So, hrm, is there hope for me? :-)

Hehe yes - I just thought about it again:
- packages will still have the .osc dir:
* if checked out in a prj/pkg hierarchy pkg/.osc is just a link
to ../.osc/data/pkg
* if checked out in a flat structure pkg/.osc is a directory instead
of a link

This way we can still support the "flat checkout" and the "advantage"
of keeping the metadata in the project's .osc dir (if a prj/pkg
hierarchy is used).
Note: something like
cp -r prj/pkg .
cd pkg; osc <cmd>
won't work in this case.

Does this fit to your osc usage?

(of course, there are cases when I use the prj/pkg/ hierarchy, but
that's mostly when dealing with maintenance updates)

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