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[opensuse-buildservice] [gsoc] osc code cleanup - summary of week 6

here's a small summary of the 6th (coding) week. Unfortunately I had
to spent more time with university stuff than I expected - that's why
I didn't finish the complete todo for this week.
I did some code restructuring and started to work on the class for the
source route.

- rewrite the project and package working copy classes:
* the new working copy format will be incompatible with the current
* the basic layout will look like this:
---> .osc/ (stores prj _and_ pkg metadata)
---> pkg1
---> <files>
---> pkgN
---> <files>

So all metadata is stored in the prj/.osc dir instead of
The advantage is that we can support a complete package
"restore" (without the need to download the package again):
cd prj; rm -r pkg; osc revert/restore pkg;
(that's possible because the metadata is stored in the prj/.osc
* to convert old project/package working copies to the new format
the "osc repairwc" command can be used (at least that's the plan)

Feedback is always welcome.

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