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[opensuse-buildservice] Strategy voting reminder!
Hi all!

In 3 days, the voting for the openSUSE strategy has to be done. We've
had only about 1/5th of our members vote and that's not a lot. Now I
know we don't have any way to check if members are still very active so
maybe most are not. But if you are, please, vote!

Find the last article from news.o.o here:

And a direct link to voting:
You just have to log in with your connect account and VOTE!

For 2 years people have been asking 'what does openSUSE want'. We tried
to put that in the strategy. Ok, it is not perfect, but that is because
we didn't appoint someone to tell us what we want but because we
*asked*. And then, yes, you get compromise. Anything bad in there is
there either because you didn't speak up (tssss bad bad) or the majority
disagreed with you.

And that is how it SHOULD work. It is what sets us apart from the other
major distributions - we have no dictator or 'steering group'. But
democracy also comes with responsibilities - voting!

Now, enact your democratic duty, here:

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