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[opensuse-buildservice] supporting different versions of a package in one project

I'm running into a nasty issue in one of my OBS projects.

OBS supports to have the same package in different versions within one
project basically. I'm using that since years but now I'm running into a
special case which is not supported. So I would consider it a bug but
wanted to bring it up here (maybe someone knows about a workaround).

I have one package in two versions within one project but now I have two
versions of another package where one requires the older version to
build and the other requires the newer version to build.

So I've specified versioned dependencies in BuildRequires but that is
not sufficient. They are actually taken into account but now I get
"unresolvable" for the older package as it doesn't find the previous
version apparently.

So could we support this case in future? And does anybody know a
workaround to that? Otherwise I won't be able to release Firefox 5 in
the mozilla repository w/o removing all older versions what I don't want
to do.

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