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[opensuse-buildservice] openSUSE Conference and BoF sessions
Hi all,

A couple of days ago I wrote an article for news.o.o about BoF sessions for
the openSUSE conference.

As you know we're looking for more 'read-write' sessions, as opposed to the
traditional one-way-talk style. A BoF is one of such a session, others would
be workshops (to teach some skill) and hack sessions (get coding or packaging
or other work done).

If you want to know what we mean by BoF and what we are looking for in that
area, read

A short synopsis follows.

A BoF (Birds of a Feather) meeting is an informal, open session which brings
together people with a comon interest. An example topic would be "improve the
package submission process for Factory" or "discuss what software to include
in the GNOME liveCD".

Organizing a BoF is VERY easy: a good title (problem description) will make
sure the right people turn up and then the work is half done. You don't need
more than pen and paper to ensure an effective meeting: make sure the
discussion doesn't wander off in all directions, but results in written-down
decisions with actions and names attached if possible. Afterwards, send a
report to the mailinglist to inform those not at the meeting!

Note that you do NOT have to be a core developer of a team to organize a BoF!
Anyone can do it. If you're not entirely sure you'll make it to the
conference, just talk to the team about it. In case you can't be there,
someone can take over!

You don't have to be an openSUSE community member to organize a BoF at the
openSUSE conference either. We are more than happy if a Fedora member wants to
talk about the Fedora support in OBS or if the KDE team wants to discuss the
educational applications with the EDU team.

Planning a BoF is similarly easy. Send a proposal with the title and rough
outline via the conference website:
It does not need a nailed down agenda, not even a super concrete topic - for
example, if you feel the Medical team needs to get together to talk about
what's part of the DVD and what not, that's concrete enough.

Planning a BoF now is important: we (the conference team) can ensure there is
no overlap between BoF's and talks. While we will leave room to schedule BoF's
at the conference, there's a good chance the only spots left will be early in
the morning and nobody likes those :D

So, go to and shoot in a proposal!
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