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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Introducing 0install developers
Jos Poortvliet wrote:

I'd like to introduce to you Thomas Leonard and Anders Björklund, two
[1] developers. I recently got in contact with them and suggested they might
get OBS to support creating 0install packages/recepies/scripts.

The tool is called 0compile, see

0install is a different beast than the usual packages OBS builds, but it
seemed to me quite awesome if OBS users could also opt to create 0install
packages. Thomas has already submitted the zeroinstall-injector package [2]
for inclusion in factory.

It's possible to use the "usual packages" as Zero Install feeds too...

If they are relocatable (i.e. work from any Prefix: with --relocate)
they can be auto-converted - using

If they have a hard-coded prefix or require root, but are available
in a system repo, it is still possible to install them with PackageKit:

But PackageKit doesn't offer any methods to add _new_ repositories,
so if neither of the above works it needs another <implementation>.

Normally you have both, so it can use already installed packages...

Technically, 0install is different, but I understand from Anders that it
should be possible:

There is no fundamental difference in making an RPM package from
a specfile, compared with making a XML+TBZ package with 0compile.

In the .rpm, you have the metadata, signature and archive combined
into one file while in ZI you have them separated into two files.

The main difference is that a Zero Install archive is relocatable,
and thus it doesn't require root to install (into /usr). It doesn't
allow scripts to be run either, and require all feeds to be signed.
Since each feed is in a separate directory, there are no conflicts.

Anders, Thomas, here is the documentation on adding a build target:

However I'm not sure this'll work for 0install.

This isn't needed for 0install, using one of the existing distros
should work. Previously we've been using CentOS-5 and Debian 5.0,
either from a virtual machine or in a local build system chroot...
Normally you would use an older distro, to increase compatibility.

The binaries are separated by Arch (OS-CPU), not per Distribution.
The specification is at
Package backends are currently: RPM, Debian, Gentoo, Slack, Ports
(optionally using PackageKit to install, if user has privileges)

A .xml feed is something of a superset of a .rpm and a .desktop ?


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