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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS, far more work then on Launchpad for Ubuntu
On 05/25/2011 10:57 PM, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Am Wednesday, 25. May 2011, 22:30:57 schrieb peer:

As said before I prefer OBS above Launchpad, but one thing bothers me
atm. On OBS I have to build a lot of (depends) packages which I don't
have to build on Launchpad. About 2/3 of my project are dependencies to
make it able to build the packages I want. I guess this is due to the
fact that Launchpad adds more repo's by default then OBS does. Does OBS
only add the main repositories? Why and is it possible to add more
repositories, to avoid an unnecessary amount of work and time (and space)?
well, you can add any other additional repo, eg. devel:languages:perl one
if you need a perl module package from there. No need to build them yourself
in your project/repo.

The main projects (like openSUSE:11.4/standard) only contains the packages
which are part of the official release. So only them are maintained. If you
need other packages someone has to maintain them, in worst case you.

I like to add these (official) Ubuntu repo's to my project, is that also possible and why are they not added by default?

deb lucid-updates main restricted
deb lucid universe
deb lucid multiverse
deb lucid-updates multiverse

~ P
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